A photograph of me

Since an early age, I have loved technology and exploring how things work. Initially, this passion took me into the field of professional photography. The skills I learned in this role, including multi-tasking, precision, working to deadlines and creatively solving problems, have helped me progress into a web developer. I’m fuelled by the desire to make the Internet more user-friendly. I’m excited by this ever-changing field, which allows me to continually learn new skills. I can’t wait to see what will be possible in the future.

I’m a confident, reliable, empathetic developer looking for a full-time web developer role in Manchester or remotely. If you would like a hiking and Aikido passionate dad, who enjoys PC gaming on your team then please get in touch.

Skills Level of
HTML Expert
CSS Expert
SASS Intermediate
Bootstrap Intermediate
Google Material Intermediate
Programming Languages:
JavaScript Expert
TypeScript Beginner
JS Frameworks:
Node.js Intermediate
Express Intermediate
React Expert
React native Beginner
Redux Beginner
Angular Beginner
p5.js Intermediate
Astro Intermediate
MongoDB Intermediate
PostgreSQL Beginner
MySQL Beginner
Testing tools:
Jest Intermediate
Puppeteer Beginner
Documentation tools:
JSDoc Intermediate
Swagger Intermediate
Google Firebase Intermediate
AWS Lambda Beginner
Serverless Hosting Beginner
Automated deployment Beginner
PWA Intermediate
Webpack Intermediate
Image Optimization Intermediate
WebSockets Beginner
GIT version control Intermediate
Postman Intermediate
cPanel Hosting Expert
.htaccess configuration Intermediate
Nginx Intermediate
Docker Beginner

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