A photograph of me

Since an early age, I have loved technology and exploring how things work. Initially, this passion took me into the field of professional photography. The skills I learned in this role, including multi-tasking, precision, working to deadlines and creatively solving problems, have helped me progress into a web developer. I’m fuelled by the desire to make the Internet more user-friendly. I’m excited by this ever-changing field, which allows me to continually learn new skills. I can’t wait to see what will be possible in the future.

I’m a confident, reliable, empathetic developer looking for a full-time web developer role in Manchester or remotely. If you would like an Aikido fighting dad-to-be, who enjoys PC gaming and hiking on your team then please get in touch.

Skills Level of
HTML Expert
CSS Intermediate
SASS Intermediate
Bootstrap Intermediate
Google Material Intermediate
Programming Languages:
JavaScript Expert
TypeScript Beginner
JS Frameworks:
Node.js Intermediate
Express Intermediate
React Intermediate
React native Beginner
Redux Beginner
Angular Beginner
p5.js Intermediate
MongoDB Beginner
PostgreSQL Beginner
MySQL Beginner
Tesing tools:
Jest Intermediate
Puppeteer Beginner
Documentation tools:
JSDoc Intermediate
Swagger Intermediate
Google Firebase Intermediate
AWS Lambda Beginner
Serverless Hosting Beginner
Automated deployment Beginner
PWA Intermediate
Parcel-Bundler Intermediate
Image Optimization Intermediate
WebSockets Beginner
GIT version control Intermediate
Postman Intermediate
cPanel Hosting Expert
.htaccess configuration Intermediate

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